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Maryam Abdul-Wahid

Exposing Beauty and Excellence

I am a UX Designer with a focus on Interaction Design and an interest in Visual Design.

My experience in developing graphical user interfaces for avionic simulators and designing communication material & media for a Black engineers professional network has inspired my decision to become a UX Designer.

As part of the Google UX Design Certificate program, I have completed three design projects that are included in this portfolio.

I earned my master’s degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Arizona in 2017.  After graduation, I worked as a software engineer for Honeywell Aerospace for 4 years - working on teams that incorporated the Agile methodology in developing innovative products.

I enjoy helping communities grow comprehensively, such as advancing diversity employee networks and launching local mentorship programs, by using my designs to spread awareness.


I, therefore, value community, integrity, health, and being socially  & environmentally responsible.



Google UX Design Certificate

April 2022

Honeywell Aerospace

Software Engineer


University of Arizona

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Master's Degree, 2017

Bachelor's Degree, 2016

Design SKills

Interaction Design

Visual Design

Design Thinking

Information Architecture

Design Research

Usability Testing

User Interface Design

Design for Six Sigma

Technical Skills








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